Loft Insulation

Why should I insulate my roof space?

25% of heat in your home is lost through the roof. Clearly, this is a waste of energy and money. Loft insulation can be a good way to keep your home warm. If your home has solar panels – installed by you, or your landlord or through a ‘rent-a-roof’ scheme – you may need to re-think the way you consume electricity in order to reap the greatest benefit...

Which insulating material is the best?

Our favourite is sheep wool – it’s great because it’s 100% natural, controls humidity and you can do it yourself.

Other types include rigid boards, spray foam, mineral wool, polystyrene and fibreglass. We don’t really recommend fibreglass because there are other materials which have better insulating qualities without the health hazards!

You could also think about external wall insulation

As a side note, it is a little-known fact that even more heat (35-40%) is lost through the walls. This is why we’d always suggest you consider external wall insulation. It’s pricier, but considering the average home could save £300-400 per year on bills and some systems are guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years, it will probably pay for itself in the long run. It will also make your home a nicer place to be!